Tim Tebow – The Year That Killed His NFL Career

Someone once said that if you make it there, you can make it anywhere, but Tim Tebow wasn’t even close to making it in New York. After becoming a College Football legend in Florida and being a comeback king for half a season in Denver, his NFL career collapsed with the Jets, so hard it might never recover.

Signs that Tebow isn’t really going to be an issue in the future? Even ESPN aren’t talking about him. A sports network has been taken hits right & left from covering a player who was the third string quarterback at best last season under Rex Ryan, and used as a running back and punt blocker as his career, that was taking all the right turns in 2011, took a nosedive into the harsh New York ground without really being given a chance.

So, what’s next? Hopping up the depth chart with Mark Sanchez trying to recover from a terrible season? Nope. The Jets don’t trust Sanchez, but they don’t trust Tebow either, as Greg McElroy and David Garrard are more likely to play next season, as QB at least, than Tebow. The idea coming from this? Tebow may never play as a quarterback again in the NFL. Despite still being a merchandise and media magnet, no one really thinks he can throw the ball, and that his miraculous run with the Broncos, leading them into the postseason despite completing less than 50% of his passes, was a one time thing.

It seems that any day now the Jets will release Tebow, who’s mere presence causes a nuisance  regardless of Ryan thinking he’s got a chance to play, and he doesn’t. No one wants to trade for him, and while a lot of people have been thinking about using Tebow as an H-Back, no one knows if he has the hands to become this sort of hybrid fullback and tight end, not to mention Tebow doesn’t want to become one. Still, his NFL career depends on it, and he’s not likely to get a chance to throw the football again, and unless he makes this adaptation, he’s not going to play in the league either.

It’s weird how these things work, but the NFL is fickle league, with no memory what so ever. All that matters is the now and the future. Everyone was waiting for Tebow to fail, and the moment he had a second terrible game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, he became a pariah. John Elway knew what he was doing – Peyton Manning needed time, about six weeks, to get his bearings back. Imagine Tebow sitting on the bench, rallying the crowd, not directly (or maybe his connection with god is that strong…?) who start calling for him?

Things are louder, bigger in New York. And yet, Tebow’s disappearance was hardly noticed. His arrival was all about noise, but his terrible practices and throwing made it clearer and clearer Rex Ryan got Tebow shoved down his throat, and giving him a shot at winning wasn’t going to come.

Tebow is a 8-6 career starter in the NFL. Somehow, he won 7 games for the Broncos, without showing anything resembling the ability to be a pocket quarterback. It was all audibles and leadership, which no one believes is something sustainable without the core ingredients  Arm strength and accuracy.

Maybe, in 2012, a Heisman trophy winner was once again proven to be nothing of an indication to NFL success. Tebow touched it for half a season before reality hit him in the face. Maybe he could have done well in New York, but we’ll probably never know. Trying to win in a different way doesn’t cut it, even if you’re a College Football hero, and an idol to millions off the field for reasons I still can’t understand.

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