Tim Tebow vs Mark Sanchez? So Far, No One is Winning

What’s left after the first practices of the New York Jets and their quarterback duo of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow? Not much, after both played pretty bad. At least Rex Ryan is making some funny comments worth mentioning, which doesn’t bode well for the Jets’ seasons, trying to make a postseason return.

Sunday’s 11 on 11 drills saw both Tebow and Sanchez go 1 for 7. Rex Ryan I – I thought they were terrific. I hope we can run the ball. We’re going to going to run it and run it. Does this mean we’ll see more Tim Tebow than expected? There hasn’t been any sign of a wildcat offense so far in Jets’ practice. Just bad passing and boos from fans(???) as Tim Tebow rushed off the field a day earlier.

I know the history of this league. You always say if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks. Tell that to the 49ers when they had Steve Young and Joe Montana. I think they won a few games; I am not really sure.

But there’s a deep and wide abyss between the level of talent the 49ers had with their duo quarterbacks, which was actually Joe Montana getting motivated by seeing Steve Young on the sidelines and what Ryan has – Tebow and Mark Sanchez, among the worst quarterbacks in the passing rankings last season. Is Ryan planning on motivating Sanchez or actually thinking about using both of them in the same game as part of his game plan? It doesn’t bode well, either way.

But while Sanchez is coming off a rough season after a few good ones, there’s even less patience for Tim Tebow. He may have been loved by the fans in Denver, but there are a lot of people waiting for him to miserably fail with the Jets. You should pay attention too much to hecklers, usually people too pissed off about their own life that they take it out on athletes and others, but Tebow has yet to show anything promising.

The same wobbly, flat passes. The same scrambling that hasn’t been really working at practice and was pretty awful against the Patriots in his two games against the Brady bunch last season. The same Patriots the Jets are going to meet twice this season.

Tebow knows that Sanchez is the clear-cut starter. The problem is, in the short time we’ve actually seen him practice for the Jets, he’s doing nothing to prove he deserves a bit more consideration for the starting quarterback job, or that the Jets made a good decision by trading for him. The season is still a bit further away, but the rain clouds are already forming above the New York Jets.

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