Tom Brady – MVP, But no Super Bowl

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Today, Tom Brady became the first player to win the NFL MVP award by getting all 50 votes. In 2007, which was arguably a better statistical season for the ‘Golden Boy’, Brady got 49 votes. Maybe because the competition wasn’t that great this year. Maybe he was just that good, but didn’t need to throw 50 Touchdowns and nearly 5000 yards to get it.

He did it this year, a year in which even a little twat like Justin Bieber had the nerves to make fun of Brady with some tweet about his hair doing some kind of lame rap, but the Patriots finished 14-2, looking again, like so many times this decade, like the best team in the league and the prime contender to win the Super Bowl. Until Rex Ryan came along, but that’s a different story.

Brady broke an NFL record, throwing 355 consecutive passes without being intercepted. His TD-Int ratio (36-4) was the best in NFL history for quarterbacks who threw at least 20 TD’s in a season. He broke his own record from 2007 (50-8).

Still, the Patriots fell in the playoffs to a less talented team, at home. I read an interesting theory, I don’t remember where, about Brady playing better in recent years (not including the injury season) but the Patriots aren’t winning the titles they won in the earlier days, when they weren’t the most hated team in America with a villainous head coach. The theory was that the moment a quarterback becomes bigger than the team, a superstar, the main focus in an nonequivalent level, the team can’t win a Super Bowl that way.

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Big ben? He has two rings, but never bigger than the Steelers system. Eli Manning? Good, but not a super star. Peyton Manning is the only place where this theory fails in recent years. Going back to Brady, who was part of a system during the Patiorts’ three Super Bowl wins years. Interesting.

Brady and Belichick said in recent weeks that this was a good season, maybe even great, but this organization is about winning Super Bowls. That is the goal, each year. When that doesn’t happen, you can’t look at the season as a success. Pretty simple. Still, when Brady wakes up with this lady next to him every morning, how bad of a year could it be.

A great face to wake up to
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Belichick and Brady both talked about being part of an organization, part of a team. It’s true, in a way, in some sense. I’m sure Belichick wants it to be true. Every head coach looks at  his team that way, especially in Football. But the Patriots have had the best team in 2007 and probably this year again. Still, Tom Brady became a bigger story than the team in the last four years. It might be the reason, maybe it isn’t. He has two MVP’s and three championship rings, but he hasn’t closed the deal since 2005.