Top Ten Dunks of the 2009-2010 NBA Season

Well, with the playoffs coming up in about a week, it’s time to start summarizing the 2009-2010 regular season – here are the 10 best dunks performed this season in the NBA

Number 10 – Jason Richardson, Phoenix Suns – 360 Against the Hornets

Jason Richardson

Image: Source

The two time dunk contest winner still has spring in his legs, pulling off this pretty 360 dunk to cap off the fast break.

Number 9 – Damien Wilkins, Minnesota Timberwolves – Posterizing Nenad Krstic

Damien Wilkins

Image: Source

As a member of Dominique Wilkins’ family, you expect these kind of in your face dunks from Damien. Too bad it doesn’t happen too often, but still, this is an awesome dunk.

Number 8 – Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks – Buzzer Beater Against the Magic

Josh Smith

Image: Source

One of the best athletes in the league pulls off a rare feat, by dunking for the win, way above the rest of the stunned Orlando Magic players.

Number 7 – Ryan Hollins, Minnesota Timberwolves – Dunking On Andray Blatche

Ryan Hollins

Image: Source

At least the Timberwolves had a few nice dunks this seasons – An impressive elevation from Ryan Hollins, who seems to get a boost when colliding with Blatche.

Number 6 – Delonte West, Cleveland Cavaliers – Great Finish over Josh Smith

Delonte West

Image: Source

Josh Smith also gets dunked on quite a lot because he tends to go for the block almost every time. I wonder if this one by Delonte West lingered with him for a while.

Number 5 – Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers – Tormenting the Nets

Andre Iguodala

Image: Source

Iguodala seems to save his best dunks for his Nets encounters, and this one, finishing strong while gathering a chasing pack, is one of the more impressive dunks he has in his rich arsenal.

Number 4 – Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls – Huge Two Handed Jam on Goran Dragic

Derrick Rose

Image: Source

Every time a point guard goes up this high it’s flashy and great to watch, but out of all the small guys dunking this year, Rose posterizing the poor Serb was the most memorable.

Number 3 – Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat – Huge Jam on Anderson Varejao

Dwyane Wade

Image: Source

It’s been getting to be quite a heated match-up every time the Heat meet the Cavs, and such a massive dunk from Wade on the big Brazilian was one of the more electrifying dunks of the year.

Number 2 – Shannon Brown, Los Angeles Lakers – Huge Elevation High Above the Mavs

Shannon Brown

Image: Source

The best dunk from the early part of the season – Shannon Brown soaring high above the Dallas Mavericks.

Number 1 – J.R. Smith, Denver Nuggets – 360 Alley Oop

J.R. Smith

Image: Source

He had a couple of more that could have easily made the top 10 (his spin on Ginobili), but a 360 alley oop rises high above the rest, making our number one this year. One of the more exciting players to watch in the NBA, when he has his head in the game.