10 Highest Paid NHL Players in 2016-2017

Heading into the 2016-2017 NHL season, there are 10 players with a cap hit of $8.5 million or higher. Only one of them, Henrik Lundqvist, is a goaltender. Only one, P.K. Subban, is a defence player, and he also happens to be the only one switching teams this offseason, from the Montreal Canadiens to the Nashville Predators. The Chicago Blackhawks & Pittsburgh Penguins are the only teams with two players on the list.

  • The list is ranked according to the cap hit of each players contract, and not the base salary, signing bonus, total cash and other measurements.

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers: $8.5 million

Henrik Lundqvist

The 34-year old goaltender signed a 7-year, $59.5 million deal with the Rangers in 2013, which included $8 million as signing bonus. He’ll be making $9.5 million as base salary in 2016-2017, his 12th season in New York.

Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning: $8.5 million

Steven Stamkos

The 26-year old centre is the Lightning’s captain and was the first overall pick in the 2008 NHL draft. The four-time All-Star signed an 8-year extension three months ago worth $68 million. In 2016-2017, he’ll have a base salary of $1 million, coming with a signing bonus of $8.5 million.

Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks: $8.625 million

Corey Perry

Perry made his debut for the Ducks in 2005, and in 2013 signed on for 8 years with $69 million coming his way. Out of that, $20 million as a signing bonus. His base salary is $6 million next season.

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins: $8.7 million

Sidney Crosby

Crosby, fresh off winning a second Stanley Cup with the Penguins, is heading into 12th NHL season in Pittsburgh. He is on a 12-year, $104.4 million deal, which means he’ll be a free agent in 2025. He’ll make $10.9 million in base salary next season.

P.K. Subban, Nashville Predators: $9 million

P.K. Subban

People in Montreal are still scratching their heads about Subban being traded to Nashville, getting a two-time All-Star who has six seasons left on his 8-year, $72 million contract. In 2016-2017, Subban will make $9 million.

Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins: $9.5 million

Evgeni Malkin

The other Pens centre on this list, Malkin is on a 8-year, $76 million deal, beginning the third season of the contract. He’ll make $9.5 million in base salary this season, his 11th with the Penguins.

Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: $9.538 million

Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is coming off three consecutive seasons of scoring 50 goals or more, leading the NHL in scoring. He’s on a 13-year, $124 million deal that was signed back in 2008, beginning his 12th season in D.C. He’ll make $10 million in base salary next season.

Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles Kings: $10 million

Anze Kopitar

The 29-year old Slovenian, the 11th overall pick in 2005 by the Kings, is coming off his best season (point-wise) since 2011-2012 with 25 goals and 49 assists last year. He’s on a 8-year, $80 million deal, beginning it’s second season. He’ll be making $5 million in base salary next season, and one half of his $18 million signing bonus in effect this season.

Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks: $10.5 million

Kane, Toews

Why together? Well, same team, same cap hit, topping the list, so why not? Both signed the same deal at the same time, going on 8 years for $84 million on their contracts. Both Kane and Toews, both helping the Blackhawks to 3 Stanley Cups since 2010, will be making $7.8 million in base salary next season.

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