The Worst Flopping and Floppers in the NBA

    Flopping, an ever evolving art that’s one of the more ugly aspects of the NBA today. We already covered some of the worst dives in soccer a while back – here are the best floppers the NBA has to offer.

    Dwyane Wade Against the Blazers

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    One of the best players in the NBA does have a high-risk kind of style so his injuries are often For real, he does have a tendency to make it worse than it really is, or in this case against the Blazers, create something out of nothing. And regards to the officiating crew.

    Robert Horry (San Antonio Days)

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    Robert Horry did what was needed to win. Be it those clutch shots, dirty fouls or just falling to the floor like he’s been shot. With 7 NBA title rings, I guess he can live with a little flopping.

    Andrei Kirilenko Showing his Classical Education

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    I don’t know who was the first flopper, but there’s no doubt that it has increased since many foreign players entered the NBA. Maybe it’s the exposure to soccer that makes them such experts. Here’s one of the more notorious floppers in the league, the guy with the once-in-a-year-pass from his wife, Andrei Kirilenko.

    Chris Paul Calling out Antawn Jamison

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    This is minor flopping – Jamison didn’t fall to the floor or anything, but he did throw out his arms way more than any normal baskteball player should. The great thing about this video is Chris Paul calling him out and making fun of Jamison.

    Manu Ginobili – The Master

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    Sad about Ginobili actually. Amazing player, one of the more unique players to play in the NBA during the last 10 years or so. Too many injuries, and too many times trying to fake an injury. If you know a thing or two about Latin soccer, you know where he picked it up. Here he is victimizing the innocent Bonzi Wells.

    Here is my favorite Flopping video – Kind of the Monitor meets the Anti Monitor. Raja Bell, not a man shy of flopping, guarding Ginobili, as they both try and hustle the ref. Victory to Ginobili, the master.

    Pau Gasol – Flop Fail

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    Here’s Gasol, trying to pin a charge on Kevin Garnett, but his attempt is truly pathetic and gets called for the fould instead.

    Chris Paul – The Bad Side

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    This time, Paul is the one doing the flopping. It usually works. And on the replay it always like very lame.

    Even Two Time MVP’s Do It…

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    Not LeBron James’ finest moment.

    Paul Pierce 2008 Finals Injury – Barkley and Kenny Smith Take

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    Most people would agree that Pierce was doing some pretty serious acting during that 2008 NBA Finals. It did give the Celtics a huge push when he made a ”heroic” return from the locker room, so I guess Pierce never lost too many sleeping hours because of this.