Soccer Tackling – The Strong, The Dirty and Roy Keane

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    Soccer players don’t always dive and fake it. Sometimes it really really hurts. Sometimes things get broken and can’t be put together again. Here are some of the fiercest and dirtiest tackles seen in recent years on the Premier League’s pitches plus an added bonus from the Champions League and a US – Canada Match.

    Sebastien Basson – MMA Skills

    Here is Tottenham’s Sebastien Bassong combining Judo and Rugby Moves to single handily stop Chelsea’s attack until Howard Webb (a terrible ref) decided he’s had enough WWE for a soccer match.

    Carlos Bocanega Hates Canadians

    A USA – Canada match does bring out some rage out of the players I guess, even when it’s soccer and not Hockey. Here is Carlos Bocanegra deciding to slide in with two legs on Canada’s Julian de Guzman. He only gets a yellow.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wrecks Havoc

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    Here is black belt Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the best players in the world, showing he can dirty foul people with the best of ’em, making a fierce lunge yet cleverly disguised at Diego Godin’s leg in an attempt to injure him and getting away without a red card.

    Scott Parker Send Joe Cole Flying

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    Here is Scott Parker – Not a dirty one, but a super strong sliding tackle on Joe Cole from Chelsea, sending the fragile Mr. Cole, suffering from rough days with Liverpool these days, flying.

    Morrison tries to break Ronaldo

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    Now, Cristiano Ronaldo has to be one of the more irritating creatures in the soccer world, but even he deserves some protection from the ref. Here is Middlesbrough’s James Morrison just trying to break Ronaldo’s leg and getting sent off for it.

    Roy Keane at his absolute Worst

    Here is what might be the most infamous dirty tackle of them all, as Roy Keane just ended Alf-Inge Haaland’s career by destroying his knee with this assualt on the Norweigan. Keane did it because three years earlier while trying to tackle Haland he injured his ligament. While laying on the ground, Haland stood over Keane, accusing him of feigning injury. Keane waited nearly four years to get his revenge and pretty much end Haaland’s career.

    Michael Brown trying to retire Giggsy

    Here is Fulham’s Michael Brown just lunging at Ryan Giggs for no reason and somehow not getting a red card. One of the dirtier fouls you’ll get to see. Giggsy came out OK eventually.

    Wayne Rooney Wants to Break Someone Too

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    Now this one involves Wayne Rooney – He doesn’t get his man, but his attempt to foul Niko Kranjcar in a severe manner is so obvious it’s ridiciolous he’s even arguing with the referee. Lucky for the Croat, Rooney didn’t time his attack too well. Could’ve been pretty bad.

    John Terry Doing to James Milner what he did to Wayne Bridge’s Heart

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    Here’s John Terry showing he knows how to break legs, although Milner didn’t get his broken in that one, with this tackle that has to be a red but is only a yellow. That’s the Premier League for you. Terry even complains about getting a yellow.

    Flamini on Croluka – Disgusting

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    Here’s the most recent one from all of these, as AC Milan’s Mattheiu Flamini makes a two feet lunge at Tottenham’s Vedran Corluka. Watching Gennaro Gattuso go Apes is always worth another look.