Top 11 Photos From the 2010 UEFA Champions League Final

Two days after the biggest club match of the year is over, after Mourinho won his second Champions League title, after Milito showed how good he really is, After Inter won it, breaking a 45 year wait, it’s time to look back on the best photos of the 2010 Champions League Final in Madrid.

The Special One Worried?

Before the match, the man that beams out more arrogance and confidence than anyone else shows even he has doubts before the big games.
Jose Mourinho


Not a photo Lucio would like to frame on his wall, despite the impressive agility showing. People don’t like it when their teeth show like this.


Get a Room

Arjen Robben and Jose Mourinho having a close moment during the first half. A few minutes later, Milito scored.

Robben Mourinho


Robben was hit earlier on during this play, but this picture looks great for those who like to look for proof on the diving tendencies of certain players.

Arjen Robben

When there was still Hope

We love Flares, and Bayern Munich fans sure did light up the Madrid night. Too bad their team didn’t do so well.

Bayern Munich Fans

Taking a breather

The hardest working man for Inter and the Man of the Match alongside Diego Milito, Wesley Sneijder taking a breather after a long sprint. He deserved it.

Wesley Sneijder

Wrong Side

Best picture of the night in my opinion – Van Buyten was seconds after getting humiliated by that slow, slow, fake by Milito, pretty much finishing the game. The contrast with Inter fans in the background probably makes this even more painful for any Bavarian to watch.

Daniel Van Buyten

Boy Got Heart

Diego Milito assuring he’ll be remembered for ever by Inter Milan fans, putting his final stamp on the final, scoring to make it 2-0.

Diego Milito

Argentina Love

Esteban Cambiasso (who won’t be in the World Cup) and Diego Milito having a moment after the final whistle.

Milito Cambiasso


The best coach in the game, and probably the least liked alongside public enemy number one in France looking quite cheerful together after the final whistle.

Mourinho Materazzi

Pure Class

After almost 700 matches for Inter, Javier Zanetti finally has it all. For some reason Maradona didn’t call him up to South Africa (doesn’t buy into his BS????), but Zanetti is probably an Inter man before anything else, and there was no one more deserving to enjoy the win over Bayern on Saturday.

Javier Zanetti