Sports’ Biggest Affairs and Sex Scandals

With the whole Tony Parker-Eva Longoria divorce thing exploding yesterday, with accusations made of Tony Parker having an affair with former teammate Brent Barry’s wife(!!!!), it’s time to remind you all that athletes have, are and will always cheat on their spouses, and here are a few examples of the guys who couldn’t keep their pants on.

Tiger Woods

He was married seven years to Elin Nordegren, but about a year ago, news of some weird car accident outside Woods’ home developed into the real, much bigger story – Elin had enough of Tiger sleeping with almost anything that moved. Tiger Woods was probably the most popular athlete (It’s hard to call a guy who plays golf an athlete, but whatever) in America with no one appearing more clean cut and wholesome than he was. Turns out he liked slutty waitresses and such.

Jason Kidd

No. You don't get arrested for cheating.

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One of the uglier divore cases in the world of sports, Jason and Joumana Kidd were married in 1997 and got divorced 10 years later. In the midst of it, accusation and a police arrest due to accusations of domestic violence from the future hall of fame point guard came about. Later also came the cheating, which didn’t seem so bad compared to the allegation of Kidd being a wife beater. Sleeping around with TV presenters and apparently a weakness from strippers isn’t as bad as kicking your wife. Jason, who was the one that filed for divorce, claimed that she was the violent and cruel one inside the house.

Kobe Bryant

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It began with accusation of Kobe Bryant raping a 19 year old (girl? woman? what is the right way to call a 19 year old female) in a Colorado hotel. Kobe claimed it was mutually consensual. A year passed, full of hearing, conflicting reports and one huge diamond ring Bryant got for his wife, the case was dropped.

Ashley Cole

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We’ve mentioned Ashley Cole’s cheating ways a time or two, both as a soccer player who screws his own team for more money and dashes off to their rivals (Arsenal-Chelsea) and also his inability to remain faithful to the hottest girl in the UK, Cheryl Cole. They were divorced after three years of marriage, with Cheryl having the obvious reasons to leave the jerk, while Ashley blamed everything on Cheryl’s mother, who moved in with them. If I ever cheat on my girlfriend, I’ll use that mom excuse.


I remember, a long time ago, watching MTV Cribs and O’Neal was on it. I remember thinking how cute he and his wife looked together. That looked like a relationship that would last. Wrong. They got a divorce, got back together and finally made complete separation last year. Back in 2003, Bryant, while questioned about his alleged rape, said O’Neal used to sleep around and pay the girls to shut up about it. Later on O’Neal even did the dirty deed with Gilbert Arenas’ girlfriend, Laura Govan.

John Terry & Wayne Bridge Saga

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Wayne Bridge had a French girlfriend, life partner, whatever you wanna call it, named Vanessa Perroncel. Pretty cute French model. They even had a child together. Shortly after they split up, Bridge’s teammate on both Chelsea (at the time) and the England national team, John Terry, who is married to one Toni Poole, had an affair with the French minx. The whole thing exploded in early 2010, with Bridge leaving the England national team and not playing in the World Cup. Terry lost his captain armband and also has been playing like crap ever since. About a month after the affair went public, Terry and Bridge (who was now playing for Manchester City) faced off in a league match. Before games start, players shake hands. Everybody waited for the moment Bridge would cross Terry and see if he would shake his hand.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are no more – Too much cheating from Parker with teammates wife it seems. Here are six other sex and cheating capers from the scandalous world of sports.