Summer Edition – WAGS in Bikinis

God it’s hot. And it’s the end of July. As usual, like every end of the month, we bring you our usual WAGS post, this time with a summer flavor – Wags and former Wags in a ready-for-the-beach kind of outfit. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian

Dating Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin. Pretty famous by herself, for doing… I dunno… Reality TV and a sex tape. How did she become famous?!

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Adriana Lima

The most beautiful woman in this world? The women I secretly want to marry (good thing my gf never reads this site) is with Marko Jaric, for %&*% Sake!

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Alex Curran, Alex Gerrard, Whichever you prefer

Uber-Wag? Naaah… Just a sort of model, columnist, and mostly Steven Gerrard’s wife.

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Nereida Gallardo

This Spanish bombshell had a short something with Cristiano Ronaldo two years back, until the scumbag dumped her. From this pic, can’t really tell why.

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Brooklyn Decker

Andy Roddick’s wife, and all in all a great gal to smile at you from the front page of a magazine.

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Carly Zucker

Model, Reality star, Joe Cole’s wife. I’m not sure if Liverpool can offer beaches like this, though.

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Sylvie Van Der Vaart

The Queen of Queens, and also Rafael Van Der Vaart’s wife. Hail Sylvie.

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Moran Atias

She used to date financially troubled (now) Romanian international Adrian Mutu, but is pretty much well known these days for her amazing body and her work on Crash and doing tons of presenting and modeling in Italy.

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Yesica Toscanini

Super hot SI model and Juan Roman Riquelme’s wife (he left his former wife for her).

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