The NBA – Where Cursing Happens

    I'm pretty sure a few F words were going through his mind
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    So much ink has been spent, so many fingers covered with blisters from writing on the Wayne Rooney incident last week, as he celebrated his goal against West Ham by facing the camera and saying “F^&% What!” a few times. The suspension is a joke, as players are seen swearing at the referee after every decision in England, but that’s not what we’re here for.

    The English Premier League isn’t the only place where players let their mouths run wild. The NBA have plenty of potty mouths too.

    Yao Ming for example, in this short gem.

    King of technicals, Rasheed Wallace, never could put the breaks on when he started going. Oddly, he didn’t get T’d up for this one.

    A weird relationship is the love-hate-father-son-teammate-friend thing going on between Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis. Here is “Big Baby” answering (probably) Garnett who was offering some criticism from the bench.

    This one isn’t during a game, but Jason Williams gets bleeped so many times we had to include it.

    Here’s “White Chocolate” again, this time doing some trash talking with Manu Ginobili.

    Kenyon Martin and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had a little thing going on a couple of years ago. Here’s Martin showing off his wonderful vocab.

    Kobe Bryant showing he’s a classy guy after getting ejected.

    LeBron James has bad days too. Here he is venting some anger after the Cavs lost to the Suns during his Ohio favorite son days.

    Shaquille O’Neal deserves the closing argument with this wonderful piece of Nostalgia.