10 Best Dunks of the 2011-2012 NBA Season

    Blake Griffin, despite being in a shortened season, pulled off enough impressive dunks and alley oops to fill a top 10 list on his own, but you have to give some other guys, like LeBron James, Josh Smith and Gerald Green their fair share of the posterizing spotlight.

    Griffin still makes the 2011-2012 dunks list twice, in a season where it seemed that dunking on Serge Ibaka (because he tries to swat everything) or Kendrick Perkins (because he whines about it later) gave people a lot of credit.

    Number 10 – Nicolas Batum on Trevor Booker and JaVale McGee

    The four year veteran enjoyed his most productive season in the NBA, averaging 13.9 points per game.

    Number 9 – JaVale McGee Uses His Extra Long Arms

    Now with the Denver Nuggets, this is one of those dunks that’s not really a dunk but actually McGee just throwing the ball really hard into the hoop from zero-distance.

    Number 8 – Ivan Johnson dunking on Channing Frye

    Ivan Johnson became a rookie at the age of 27 after being banned for life from the Korean basketball league. He is one of the few undrafted players to win an NBA rookie of the month award.

    Number 7 – Deron Williams Dunking on Roy Hibbert

    Deron Williams had a good season individually with the Nets, averaging 21 points and 8.7 assists per game. However, he was frustrated with the situation on the team and it’s unclear future, despite the move to Brooklyn.

     Number 6 – Paul George Brings Down the House

    Made an impressive stride in his Sophomore NBA season, on his way in becoming the player for the Indiana Pacers.

    Number 5 – Blake Griffin Soaring I

    The Human Highlight Film of this NBA era.

     Number 4 – Josh Smith on Serge Ibaka

    Josh Smith continues to improve after 8 seasons in the league, with his departure from the Hawks looking more and more imminent.

    Number 3 – LeBron James Alley Oop OVER John Lucas

    Unfortunately, we probably won’t get to see the Bulls and the Heat in this postseason, unless Chicago pull off some miracle against the Sixers, down 1-3 at the moment.

    Number 2 – Blake Griffin on Kendrick Perkins

    James’ and Griffin’s dunks on Lucas and Perkins came in a matter of days from each other. Had a really hard time deciding which was the better one at the time. Still, Griffin’s WOW factor seems to be a bit higher. And it started a Twitter war with the always sensitive Perkins and LeBron James.

    Number 1 – Gerald Green Windmill Alley Oop

    Not much to say about the best dunk of the season. Green returned to the NBA and had after playing in Russia, China and the D-League. Had a pretty decent season with the Nets, which will probably earn him a new contract on some NBA team for next year.

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