Transfer Frenzy – Torres to Chelsea, Carroll to Liverpool?

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The contracts aren’t signed yet as physicals are yet to be taken and passed, but the January deadline day seems to have provided two huge transfers in the English Premier League – Fernando Torres moves south to London for around 45-50 million pounds which will make him the fifth most expensive player in the history of soccer while Andrew Carroll, still injured and out for probably another month, will make his way to Anfield and join new front man Luis Suarez for a fee of around 35 million pounds, making him the seventh or eighth most expensive player ever.

The Torres deal will probably cost around 80 million pounds including signing fees and salaries. Torres is expected to earn around 200,000 pounds a week, nearly double his wages with Liverpool. Torres has scored nine league goals this season with the underachieving Merseysiders and 81 goals in 142 matches for the club since arriving in the 2007 summer. Chelsea were shopping for him during the summer but couldn’t manage the deal. Torres apparently requested to leave Liverpool this week, which paved the way for the mega deal.

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Andrew Carroll didn’t want to leave the North East but the ammount of cash Liverpool were willing to pour on the 22 year old, who has only 14 Premier League goals on his career stat sheet, was too much for Mike Ashley to deny. It seemed he has forced Andy Carroll to hand in a transfer request to make the deal go smoothly, or at least make it appear so to the press and fans, which probably won’t buy it.

The contracts haven’t been signed yet, but from all sources and reports both transfers seem like done deals. While selling Torres seems reasonable at the price offered, the amount of money spent on Andrew Carroll and his potential seems absurd, especially when there are many other needs to be filled. Chelsea also are still hoping to land Benfica defender David Luiz although the opportunity window may have passed. Liverpool are still in the hunt for Blackpool midfielder Charlie Adam, with United also on his tail.

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More on Chelsea – If everything goes smoothly, David Luiz, Benfica’s Brazilians 23 year old central defender, will finally be signed by the champions for a fee of around 25 million pounds. The deal seemed dead until today but an improved proposal and Luiz’ keen on making the move this winter made everything possible.