Back to the Fabregas-Barcelona-Arsenal Issue With a Torres Flavor

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I don’t know what Fernando Torres wants. Maybe it’s to hide the fact that he hasn’t scored a goal or even set up since moving from Liverpool to Chelsea for 50 million pounds back in January. He hasn’t scored since his brace against Wolves for Liverpool over two months ago. He didn’t even manage a shot at goal during Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Manchester City before leaving the pitch after 69 minutes.

Talking, something he hasn’t done a lot while scoring goals for Liverpool, he has been doing a lot of talking since arriving in London. Maybe he thinks he’s getting payed for dissing his former club. He re-opened the Fabregas-Barcelona Pandora box which has stayed closed and quiet for about a month. He talked about that Cesc needs to be ready for a fan backlash if and when he decided to leave the gunners for Barcelona, who are probably arming up for the usual media warfare the provide in the summer with Cesc’s national teammates talking about where he truly belongs.

Back to Torres – He talked about Fabregas but finished it with Liverpool. He compared the way the fans have treated him after leaving Atletico for Liverpool (good) and the way the Liverpool fans have taken it when he left for Chelsea. First of all there’s a huge difference between leaving abroad than leaving to play for a rival club. Torres also left when the big cash exactly arrived to Anfield. I’m not sure how much the American group is going to spend, but I’m also not sure how much Torres got upgraded by his move. Salary? So what, he was making enough anyway. At least, he says it wasn’t about money. He also mentioned that Javier Mascherano left Liverpool on bad terms during the summer. Mascherano was also looking for an exit for over a year and wasn’t great in 2009-2010, like the entire team.

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Back to Fabregas – He won’t be leading Arsenal to another title this year. If he fits or doesn’t fit the way Barcelona play now is irrelevant. They’ll find a way to make it work and fit him in. Be it with a lineup rotation or a total revamp of the tactics and field positioning.

About Torres – He should just shut up. Whatever the motives are for everything he lets out of his mouth since becoming a Chelsea player, he needs to forget about them and start scoring goals. It takes a lot of them to justify 50 mil.