Tottenham – Andre Villas Boas Situation, Where Does it Stand

Still no new manager for Tottenham, who have completed the signing of Jan Vertonghen but have yet to find someone to replace Harry Redknapp. Andre Villas-Boas is the name most throw around, but the former Chelsea manager has quenched those rumors, saying they’re complete rubbish.

Since Villas-Boas got sacked by Roman Abramovich in March, he’s been linked with every high profile job in the market, most recently with Liverpool, even coming in for a talk or two with some club directors. Eventually, they went with the British direction, signing Brendan Rodgers.

Maybe Villas-Boas is trying to take some time off after what was obviously a very different experience in the Premier League when compared with his undefeated season while managing Porto, his only season as a head coach, which might suggest that his move to Chelsea was too soon. That leaves you thinking – Porto are probably a bigger club in Portugal than Chelsea are in England, so why couldn’t he handle the pressures, at least with his match decisions and results?

Players at Tottenham have talked about welcoming Villas-Boas with open arms, but the young Portuguese manager, who probably is interested in the position, unless he’s working some other angle no one has picked up on yet, probably wants to keep a low profile while he looks for his next job.

Whatever his inclinations may be, the odd makers have kept him as the favorite to be standing on the lines at White Hart Lane next season. Now that France are out of the Euro in disappointing fashion (winning only 1 match in four), Laurent Blanc’s chances have probably increased. David Moyes, Jurgen Klinsmann and Fabio Capello are behind as well, while Rafa Benitez, who’s mentioned with every possible vacancy in English football, is also one of the names you’ll hear about when it comes to Tottenham’s next manager.

Daniel Levy thinks that all of the success in recent years, and by success we mean one Champions League appearance, is mostly thanks to him, not Harry Redknapp. That’s why there seems to be no hurry at the club to find a new one, while players are already being signed.

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