Tottenham Looking for Goalkeeprs – Julio Cesar? Hugo Lloris?

Trying to keep Luka Modric isn’t all the Tottenham are doing this summer. Chasing goalkeepers, feeling that reliable yet not too extraordinary Brad Friedel, already 41, is also part of the off-season. Hugo Lloris seems unreachable and too expensive, but Julio Cesar isn’t.

The Brazilian keeper isn’t too pleased with the situation at Inter, especially after the purchase of Samir Handanovic from Udinese. Cesar, 32, with 64 caps for the Brazilian national team; after 227 matches for Inter, 5 consecutive league titles and a champions league title; After being voted Serie A keeper of the year twice and the UEFA club goalkeeper of the year once, seems like a person no longer wanted in the new, still not finding their way Inter.

The rumors have been back and forth. Cesar wants to leave; His wife wants him to leave. Inter want him to stay. Inter want him to leave. Tottenham, it’s pretty clear, among the need for a striker (which they aren’t really progressing with), are looking for a goalkeeper. Hugo Lloris, obviously, is their first choice. Not only theirs, but Tottenham seemed like the most persistent in trying to get the French international from Lyon. His price, at the moment, around €25 million, seems to be a bit much for everyone.

So Cesar, despite a bit more track experience and wear & tear on his body and maybe confidence after two very rough years for him and the team, is the more reasonable option. Inter, hoping to take the keeper of the club’s wage bill, are probably willing to give Cesar away for free.  At his age, it’s not likely they’ll be able to make much money off of him. For Tottenham, hoping to be a Champions League caliber team, Cesar’s experience combined with the new beginning he seems to desperately need, might be the right kind of formula for a better season.