Tottenham Troubles – Harry Redknapp Gone; Gareth Bale Too?

After failing to reach the Champions League for two years straight, Harry Redknapp fell out of favor with Daniel Levy as the two couldn’t agree on a new contract and has left the club. What’s worst? No champions league might mean Gareth Bale is looking for a new club.

And although Bale is Tottenham’s most profitable asset, with a price tag likely to go as high as £40 million, it’s understandable that Spurs, not looking to become a feeder team for bigger, richer clubs, are looking to hang on to their Welshman.

But back to Redknapp, who has actually been sacked. His contract ran through the summer of 2013, and he wanted a new three-year deal, but the second half of the 2011-2012 season didn’t work in his favor. Tottenham missed out on finishing third, which seemed to be theirs for the taking for most of the season, but all through the England managerial talks the club deteriorated and simply couldn’t grab a win.

After Roy Hodgson was announced as the new England man, Tottenham went back to its winning ways. Not enough to topple Arsenal and move them from the third position. They did finish fourth, but with Chelsea winning the Champions League, Tottenham were left with another Europa League berth. Disappointing for a club with this kind of squad, with these kind of ambitions.

There were also the two big losses that hurt Redknapp’s standing, leaving aside his ambition to become the England manager at the expense of the club’s success. The 5-2 defeat at the hands of Arsenal after leading 2-0 in the league’s North London derby, while the 5-1 defeat in the FA Cup against Chelsea wasn’t very helpful as well. It may be that the Tottenham chairman already made his decision after that result, waiting for a last sign from the Champions League final for confirmation.

Who’ll replace him? Rumors say that David Moyes of Everton is the first in line, looking to finally manage a club willing to spend a pound or two on some serious squad upgrading, instead of having to make do for a decade at Goodison Park. Roberto Martinez and Rafa Benitez have also been mentioned as potential successors. Someone will throw in Andre Villas-Boas’ name as well pretty soon.

As for Bale, it’s a matter if there are any willing buyers. At such a price, despite his unique talent, I think Tottenham should sell. The problem is who would pay £40 million? The Barcelona rumors are probably far from the truth. Barca won’t pay that kind of money when they seem to be more interested in the cheaper Jordi Alba, another left back who can be positioned anywhere on the left wing. Manchester City seem like the only other option at the moment.

Bale has said in the past that no Champions League football might cause him to look sideways for new, more attractive suitors. The problem for him is getting someone to offer the full price, while trying to adjust to a life without Harry Redknapp, who under him Bale made his great breakthrough.