Transfer Rumors 2012 – Arsenal Getting Less for Robin van Persie

If Arsenal are to let go of Robin van Persie, then they expect it to be for quite a hefty fee, something along the region of £20-25 million. According to sources, they’ve received offers from Juventus, Manchester City and Manchester United for the player, but well below what they thought they’ll get for the player.

So what now? Negotiations. It’s been an interesting 48 hours regarding the Dutch striker, desperately wanting to sort his affairs and future with the club before Arsenal head off to their Asian tour. Some rumors suggested something along the lines of Alex Ferguson talking to people saying he’s got the RVP deal all wrapped up, but that appears to be false. Van Persie wants a quick decision regarding his status, but Arsenal want to be compensated.

According to the latest reports, as Van Persie has gotten confirmation from Arsene Wenger that a decision as to where to send him will be coming in the next 24, the club received three bids from the three suitors. No accurate numbers, but all offers are around the £15 million region. When you think about it, Van Persie’s health record and the fact that he’s really only had one full productive season (30 league goals, player of the year) and his age, 29, means that Arsenal’s asking price which is almost double of the initial offers is a bit high.

Van Persie announced after Euro 2012, which was very disappointing for him and the Dutch national team, knocked out after three defeats in the group stage with Van Persie scoring one goal but playing far from what was expected from him in the tournament, that he will not be renewing his contract with Arsenal once it expires in the summer of 2013. Arsenal’s aspirations do not match his own.

Three clubs have emerged as the main suitors in the race – Obviously Manchester City, who are always linked to anything with the Arsenal name on it; Manchester United and Juvenuts. Arsene Wenger doesn’t want anything to do with selling to City but eventually might not have a choice. He’s reluctant to let Van Persie go to United as well, but that is the lesser of two evils as far as he’s concerned. Juventus are the ideal destination for him and for Van Persie, but their financial abilities might hurt their chances.

Image: Source