Transfer Rumors 2012 – Juventus Want Luis Suarez AND RVP

It’s not so certain that Juventus can afford either of them on his own, but more and more information points to the fact that Juventus are about Luis Suarez of Liverpool just as much as they are about Robin van Persie of Arsenal, but the Uruguayan will be much harder to land.

Is Suarez unsettled with the Reds? Not really, but there have been reports that Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in the player who has scored 15 goals in 44 league matches for Liverpool since arriving from Ajax for £22.8 million, immediately turning into Liverpool’s go to guy. Instead of transferring from the era of soley relying on Steven Gerrard and partially (when he was healthy and scoring) Fernando Torres, Liverpool went into the Luis Suarez era, for good and bad.

There wasn’t enough good last season, as Suarez’ rise in international football with Uruguay (World Cup semifinal, Copa America) didn’t translate that well in his first full season with the Reds, which will now be mostly remembered for the racial incident with Patrice Evra and the 8-match ban. In some way, to some (and part of our crew here) it sounded like a good idea for Suarez to look for a new start in a different league. No conspiracy against him, probably, like he claims, but he seems to be targeted by officials in every match. Maybe time will take care of that.

Juventus, if they actually can afford getting Van Persie or Suarez after already spending considerable sums this summer on upgrading the team as they return to the Champions League for the first time in two years, are probably more into Suarez. Some suggest that using Suarez’ name is somewhat of a bait for Van Persie, to show the Dutchman that Juve mean business and thinking big, but it’s more likely that they’ll pursue Suarez anyway. He’s the more expensive of the two, but the younger and with more of an upside. Plus, he isn’t chased by at least two more big clubs.

Suarez arrived in Europe before his 20th birthday after a season with Nacional. After one decent season with Groningen he joined Ajax, spending three and a half seasons with the Dutch club, scoring 81 goals in 110 league matches, including a whopping 35 league goals in the 2009-2010 season.

For the national side, Suarez has scored 28 goals in 54 matches, scoring 3 goals in the 2010 World Cup and 4 in the 2011 Copa America. He’ll be a part of the Uruguayan side headed into the 2012 Olympics football tournament.