Transfer Rumors 2012 – Liverpool Chasing Theo Walcott

It looks like Liverpool are really looking to making a splash in the transfer market, especially with attacking players and anyone who can create goals. The next on the list is Theo Walcott, unsettled regarding his Arsenal future ever since Robin van Persie announced he won’t be renewing his contract with the Gunners.

After already signing Fabio Borini from Roma for £10, Brendan Rodgers is hoping he can continue to revamp the Liverpool attack by getting the 23 year old Arsenal winger, who made one impressive cap during the 2012 Euro tournament, coming off the bench against Sweden to deliver the winning goal and assist.

Walcott, who makes around £65,000 a week is looking not only to leave Arsenal in hope for a more glorious future with another club (although Liverpool of recent seasons aren’t suggesting that future is with them) but also to become one of the highest paid English players in the Premier League, with the £100,000 salary tag as an entrance ticket to the big boyz club.

Walcott took a step forward last season, although the numbers don’t always suggest it did happen. For one, he had an injury free season, playing in 35 league matches, scoring 8 goals and adding 11 assists. His cooperation with Van Persie was fantastic and Walcott showed a much improved passing ability and upgraded decision making. Consistency, as always, wasn’t a full part of his season, but it seems he’s getting there, learning what he can and can’t do. He also needs a manager to use him well.

Rodgers is hoping for a much faster Liverpool attack with his pass & move vision, but a part of the vision is probably offloading Andy Carroll, cutting the loss after his £35 million transfer fee from 18 months ago. Newcastle have already reached out, hoping to get the player back via loan, but Liverpool are only looking to sell, not loan, according to sources.

Walcott isn’t only chased by Liverpool. Roberto Di Matteo would very much like to have Walcott in his squad next season, but finding a place in the starting lineup should be a more difficult job at Stamford Bridge than at Anfield, which also must be taken into account. Arsene Wenger isn’t too happy about letting Walcott go, but there might be higher forces, the board mainly, pushing towards selling Walcott, hoping to cash in on the youngster before he leaves as a free agent.

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