Transfer Rumors 2012 – Luka Modric Not Playing Nicely

While Real Madrid move (or don’t) closer to signing Luka Modric from Tottenham, the Croatian international doesn’t really look like a man who cares if anyone within the Tottenham organization likes him anymore, trying to force his way out of the club. Just remember, it happened last year as well, and look where he ended up and how he played.

For now, Modric is playing hard-ball, showing Spurs that he’s fed up with playing at White Hart Lane and he wants a transfer, now, to Real Madrid. Modric missed training on purpose and refused to board the flight for Tottenham’s preseason tour in North America. As a result, the club fined Modric £100,000 that might grow to £160,000 if he keeps missing training sessions.

For Tottenham, the situation is pretty simple – They want nothing less than £40 million for the 26 year old midfielder. Modric’s representatives might be meeting with Real Madrid, but if the money is right for Daniel Levy, it won’t really matter. Tottenham don’t look at themselves as a feeder club for the might and powerful of Europe, trying not to become a version of their North London rivals, Arsenal, who some call, jestingly, Manchester City B.

Real Madrid haven’t offered more than £27 million which was turned down. The second offer saw a few fringe players (while fringe players in Real Madrid might mean internationals) thrown into the deal, taking its estimated value up to £32 million. Not something anyone at Tottenham is happy about, while one of their two most coveted players (the other is Gareth Bale, not-for-sale) refuses to be involved with team activities.

Andre Villas-Boas has mostly been talking about Luka Modric and his future since taking over yet another London position. He was cautious and lenient at first when talking about the Croatian midfielder, but Modric’s hard stance has disappointed AVB who probably thought that he might be able to soften up the ‘problematic’ situation, maybe even convincing him to stay. Off-the-record, he spoke about being disappointed in Modric’s actions and how they will backfire and go against him.

Of course, Villas-Boas never expected that to come out. Never trust reporters – In Spain, Portugal or anywhere else. It probably will make Modric’s stand against the club ever more firm. Last season it looked like nothing was going to stop him from leaving the club for Chelsea. This year it seems like nothing is stopping him, except for the price, from going to Real Madrid. Still, don’t be surprised if a month from now, when the Premier League kicks off, Modric is still a Spurs player.