Transfer Rumors 2012 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic Problems for PSG

If the fact that AC Milan actually accepted the offer from PSG for Zlatan Ibrahimovic surprised some of you, maybe the news of the player and the French club not finding even ground regarding his contract is a bit less of a surprise, with the Swedish striker looking for more money per year on a shorter deal than what is currently on the table.

Paris Saint-Germain and Milan surprised many by agreeing to a deal that sends Thiago Silva (already a PSG player) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for €65 million in what until not too recently seemed like an impossible move, from one of Europe’s biggest clubs to a annually disappointing French side, 18 years since its last league title.

Money, as everyone knows, changes everything. PSG have been the most active club in the transfer market over the last couple of years, changing the balance of power, although their financial ability (thanks to their Qatari owners) doesn’t suggest Ligue 1 is going through some economic boom. PSG are suddenly close to become a European super-power, although with the FIFA fair play restrictions coming into effect soon, who knows how long it’ll last.

Was it a wise choice by Milan to sell off two of its best players? Depends who you ask, but future financial security and profitability is one way to look at it. Either way, Ibrahimovic is still not sold on leaving AC Milan for yet another league he can add to his long title list. According to the rumors from the negotiations themselves, PSG are offering Ibra a contract paying him €12.5 million per season for the next four years. Ibrahimovic wants to be the highest paid player in Europe – €15 million per season, but on a three year contract.

There’s something about Ibrahimovic that keeps him away from staying too long (more than 3 years) in one place. After two fantastic seasons in Milan, winning one league title and narrowly missing out on a second one and entering the fourth decade of his life, the PSG contract might be his last big one before the inevitable decline. He had his most prolific season in 2011-2012, scoring 28 league goals in 32 matches, so there’s plenty to decline from.

We continue to hold talks with Zlatan, The negotiations are going forward but I can assure you that today we have no meetings scheduled, said Leonardo, PSG’s sporting director. In all fairness to their desire to keep Ibrahimovic on a long term deal, it’s hard to see anyone willing to pay big bucks for him once he’s past his 32nd birthday, unless he’s just as productive as now. Maybe a three year deal with an upgraded salary works well for both sides.

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