Transfer Rumors 2012 – Real Madrid After David Silva

The Best Spanish player outside of the La Liga plays for Manchester City. David Silva has spoken a time or two about how he preferred going to the blue side of Manchester to signing with Real Madrid and Barcelona. It seems that the chase for the talented midfielder, at least for the Spanish champions, isn’t over.

David Silva has been with Manchester City for two seasons now, scoring 10 goals and adding 27 assists for the club. More importantly has been his improvement along with the upgrading of the squad. His first season was one of those up and down years, as Silva’s talent broke out more than on a few occasions, but getting used to the pace and a new squad, new to everyone on it, made his debut season after a disappointing world cup less than brilliant.

In 2011-2012, it was a different story. Silva was the best player in the Premier League during the first few months of the season with a few masterpieces of football, none better than the 6-1 win over Manchester United. His form did see a drop in the second half of the season but Silva cemented his place as one of the best attacking midfielders in Europe, claiming a spot in the Spanish lineup in the Euro. The season ended for him as an English champion and a European champion with the national team.

No longer a player waiting to fulfill his potential, now simply one of the best. With his passing, with his movement, with his finishing, which is underrated by some. As with every Spanish and latin player, that simply draws the attention of Real Madrid. Silva has proclaimed he’s in it for the long run with Manchester City. Multiple titles on his mind. A Champions League title with the club. But you never know in football, and especially when Real Madrid are involved, a club that in the long run tends to get the biggest stars.

City don’t have the history many big club around Europe have. One league title after 40 years doesn’t immediately make you an empire. Real Madrid are Spanish champions, and are simply Real Madrid. They may not be the richest club in the world, but they can offer just as much as City, or not too far from it.

That’s why Silva is about to get an extension that will eventually make him one of the highest earners in the world, £190,000 a week. Real Madrid aren’t only after Silva, with Luka Modric probably coming in higher priority at the moment. They’ve yet to make a big signing this summer, and you know it’s coming soon. It simply has to. Manchester City make it seem that their top player are untouchable, as it wouldn’t be worth it for any of them to find a new home, and City, at the moment, don’t need the transfer money to keep up the building of a successful team.  Keeping David Silva from being tempted by Real Madrid seems like their most important task regarding the current squad.