Transfer Rumors 2012 – Chicharito Leaving Manchester United to Juventus

A new striker coming to Manchester United means that the current crop of forwards, except for Wayne Rooney, will have less time to spend on the pitch and score goals and for someone like Javier Hernandez (Chicharito for some) it might mean time to find a new team, perhaps hungry-for-goalscorers Juventus.

If last season was somewhat of a disappointment for the Mexican player, than 2012-2013 began rather badly for Chicharito, having to see his development into one of the best forwards in Europe take another setback as United went on and signed another player to take away his playing time in Robin van Persie from Arsenal. Hernandez, somewhat of a revelation during his debut season at Old Trafford took a step backwards in 2011-2012, having to see Danny Welbeck get more and more minutes and his usual tap ins going in less and less (12 goals instead of 20).

Being a backup two years into his United career wasn’t in the cards for Hernandez when he first arrived for £8 million from Chivas Guadalajara, but injuries and simply a lack of improving curve when it came to everything unrelated with those goals from the 5-yard box meant that Ferguson simply went with other forwards and combinations upfront, that gave him more variety.

Chicharito hasn’t handed a transfer request yet, but it’s clear that Ferguson will have to clear some space, with both Hernandez and Berbatov not exactly thrilled about being bench players, along with Bebe, Macheda and the new Chilean arrival, Angelo Henriquez.

So where to go, and who will want him? Plenty of teams, but the rumored price, £20 million, which will probably go down a bit once negotiations start, might be a deterring factor this late into August, with plenty of teams already fine and dandy with the moves they’ve made in the transfer market this summer. Juventus, however, still looking for a striker to add to the mix after purchasing everything else these last couple of months, might be interested.

They’re still hoping Fernando Llorente might come over, but for now, that deal is in stall, and they might have to start looking elsewhere pretty soon. Hernandez might not be the typical ‘9’ kind of player they’re looking for to carry the attack on his back, but they’re willing to take anyone with proven goal-scoring skills at the highest level (32 goals in 81 matches for United, 25 goals in 38 caps for Mexico) to bolster the attack in a season that is the next step for them, maybe the most important step, in returning to the upper echelon of European football.