Transfer Rumors 2012 – Inter and Milan Trading Antonio Cassano and Giampaolo Pazzini

Both Inter and AC Milan aren’t exactly pleased with the current situation in terms of personnel, but aren’t really willing to spend at the moment. Solution? Player exchange, reportedly between their two forwards – Giampaolo Pazzini and Antonio Cassano.

Not a straight up exchange. Inter value Pazzini, 28, to be a bit better or at least more valuable than Cassano, and are hoping to get both the player and €5-8 million for their striker. If not, they might opt to sell him to two other clubs interested in his services – Juventus and Napoli, both looking to add an attacking option to their midst.

Milan’s Vice-president, Adriano Galliani, on hand after his side’s 2-3 loss to Juventus in the Silvio Berlusconi trophy match, the last friendly before the beginning of the season, has already confirmed that there are talks going on between the clubs, sparked by Cassano’s dissatisfaction with Milan’s moves in the transfer market this summer, meaning sell, sell, sell, mostly with the deal that sent Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain on top of most of the veterans being released or retiring, while only adding Ricardo Montolivo via free transfer from Fiorentina.

Cassano seems to be one of the few players of quality left in the Milan squad, alongside Robinho, Boateng, Nocerino and Pato (depends on your opinion), but Galliani doesn’t think that keeping the player against his will is a wise course of action.

It’s a shame. I think that, despite the qualities of Cassano, it’s not a good idea to keep players against their will – it would not be good for Cassano or Milan. Let’s see how this situation evolves.

Cassano made a remarkable comeback during last season after suffering from a ischemic-based cerebral damage which kept him off the playing field for six months. Cassano returned in late April to help AC Milan in their lost cause of chasing Juventus, finishing second in the Serie A before joining the Italian national team, enjoying a successful Euro 2012 tournament, helping Italy to the final by scoring one goal in six matches. He has 7 goals and 16 assists in his 33 league matches since joining Milan.

Pazzini, who’s also been in Milano, on the bluer side, for a year and a half is more of a goalscorer (usually) than Cassano and is more of a natural striker than a no.10 like Cassano. Pazzini struggled with his scoring last season, unlike his half 2010-2011 campaign with Inter, so far scoring 16 goals in 50 league matches for the club. He seems to be disgruntled about his place in the forwards hierarchy, falling behind Diego Milito and Rodrigo Palacio in the race for a starting lineup position.