Transfer Rumors 2012 – Liverpool Get to Keep Daniel Agger?

The club and reporters suggest one thing, the player says something else. Daniel Agger has been chased by Manchester City over the last couple of weeks, seeing three bids for him rejected by his club, Liverpool. Sources implied that Agger asked Rodgers to leave, but the Denmark captain says he wants to say at Anfield, but it may not be up to him.

It all comes down to what Brendan Rodgers said last week, when asked about Agger’s future with Liverpool – Every player has his price. Agger, 27, who’s been with Liverpool since 2006, thinks that eventually, the club will get an offer from City that will be too good to refuse. They may be rejecting bids so far (£13 and £16 million), but something along the lines of £22-25 will be too good to refuse, according to people around the player and the club.

Agger himself, quite a fan favorite at Anfield despite not playing much over the years (mostly due to injuries), sees himself playing for the club for many years. He didn’t get the YNWA (You’ll never walk alone) tattoo for nothing, and it’ll be weird seeing him playing for another club with that kind of statement on his body.

Agger himself says he’s pretty much in the dark about his transfer future, although it doesn’t bother him much. That’s the business, and it’s that time of year.

I have not been told anything by the club regarding the transfer. It is not up to me to judge whether it’s weird or not. That is how the club has decided that it should be. I can not do anything.

I’m fine with my situation. The club must find out what they want. I have heard nothing from them. I’d rather be here, but it’s not me who has the decision at the moment.

Liverpool may just make the transfer, even though I have two years left. But no, I have not changed my mind on the subject when I said I will not play for other English clubs than Liverpool, but sometimes you can still get in a situation where it’s not your decision. I will not stay in a place where I am not wanted, but I’d rather be here. This is my priority.

Last season Agger won his first title with the club, the 2012 League Cup, not playing in the 2006 FA Cup final, playing in 27 league matches, tying his career high for the club in a relatively healthy season for him, without anything really major. Still, Agger, considered by many to be one of the more talented centre back in the game must have a full season to join the ranks of those regarded as the best in the game. Hopefully for him and for Liverpool it’ll happen wearing red and not something else.