Transfer Rumors 2012 – Manchester United Thinking About Kaka

One of those rumors that take on a life of their own on social media, but worth mentioning nonetheless – Kaka, suddenly a fringe player for Real Madrid, has drawn the interest of Manchester United and Alex Ferguson, who are looking to sign one more player before the end of the transfer window.

Kaka has been included in the 22 man squad for Real Madrid’s opening match of the 2012-2013 season against Valencia, but it’s no secret that Jose Mourinho would be willing to give up on the former world player of the year if the right offer came along. AC Milan, as far as we know, have given up on the attempt to bring back their star player for most of the 2000’s. It’s not even about the transfer free that Real Madrid were willing to compromise on,  but Kaka’s €10 million a season salary he wasn’t willing to give up on.

Although he won’t be costing anyone at this point the €20 million Real wanted for him earlier on during this summer, unless the deal is a loan, which isn’t off the table, just like the current plans for Nuri Sahin, the club would like a substantial fee for him, after spending €65 million to get him 2009. Knowing that he still has time on his contract, Real aren’t that pressed to sell him.

As for United, Ferguson has spoken about the need for another player, although it’s initially thought to be a left back who can come in for Patrice Evra who doesn’t have a replacement at the moment after Fabio was sent out on loan to gain some maturity and experience. Still, bringing in quality to his midfield was also a priority during this summer, and adding ‘just’ Shinji Kagawa might not be enough heading into a season with United expected, as always, to challenge and win the Premier League title while turn in a much better Champions League campaign that last season, not making it out of the group stage.

About the salary, United probably have deeper pockets than AC Milan at the moment, and it shouldn’t be a problem. Whether Kaka wants to play in the Premier League (he probably does) and whether there’s an actual interest from United in the Real Madrid player, those are the real questions regarding the whole matter.

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