Transfer Rumors 2012 – No Chance Kaka Leaves Real Madrid for AC Milan

It’s an interesting thing to have three sides wanting the same thing but not managing to accomplish it – AC Milan want Kaka to return, while the player would gladly leave Real Madrid, open to offers, in order to get regular football again, preferably with his old club. Still, money seems to be in the way of the transfer being completed.

Kaka, 30, isn’t in the plans of Jose Mourinho, at least not as a vital member of the 2012-2013 Real Madrid. He has Mesut Ozil as his preferred attacking midfielder, and whether he plays the 4-3-3 set up or decided to drop either Higuain or Benzema to the bench, Kaka isn’t among the projected starters, with Cristiano Ronaldo obviously occupying one of the attacking spots while Angel Di Maria and even Jose Maria Callejon get a chance before Kaka.

So what’s standing in the way of the Brazilian from returning to Serie A, to the club he played with for six seasons, winning a league title and the Champions League? Money. The transfer money Real Madrid ask for and the salary that Kaka isn’t willing to give up. Milan, who got rid of all the expensive old men in their squad this summer + selling Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to PSG for €65 million, aren’t in the financial situation to spend €20 million on Kaka plus pay him a salary of €10 million a season.

FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti delievers the best explanation regarding the situation – In Italy it’s impossible to pay €10 million net wages. When Real Madrid absolutely have to give him away, then they might have a chance, but unfortunately right now Kaka is a prisoner of his wages.

As of today, his chances of joining Milan are 0.001%. I know he wants to return to Milan, but I’d like to go out with Monica Bellucci – that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. There was some contact with New York Red Bulls, but he wants to stay in Europe.

Real Madrid paid €65 million for Kaka in the summer of 2009. There’s no way they’re letting someone that costly without getting any compensation, even if he isn’t considered to be as good as he was three years ago. Milan are stuck because their fans are urging the team to make some sort of move that’ll prove to them this isn’t just a financial kind of season and there is some hope they’ll be challenging for titles, which doesn’t seem likely at the moment. It seems all sides will be left disappointed by the time the transfer window closes.