Transfer Rumors 2012 – Victor Moses Wants Chelsea to Sign Him

The Champions League winners from last season, Chelsea, are still in the market for a new player or two, but they have seemed to lose interest in Victor Moses of Wigan after not agreeing on a transfer fee. That doesn’t mean that Moses has given up on the move happening before the end of the summer transfer window.

To put it in one word? Desperate. Roberto Martinez, Wigan’s manager that wanted to leave this summer and agree to the Liverpool offer but was held back and/or persuaded by Wigan’s chairman, Dave Whelan, to stay with the club for yet another season (his fourth), is very much against letting Moses, a Nigerian international despite playing through all of England’s youth teams, leave to Chelsea or any other club for that matter.

Still, Whelan is hoping for the price he wanted from the beginning – £10 million, something that Chelsea have yet to offer him. Sources suggest that he will accept an offer for £9 million as well, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement from Chelsea regarding the talented winger, who actually played against them this Sunday in the opening match for both clubs of the 2012-2013 Premier League season.

How much do Chelsea actually need Moses? They do need an addition or two, but necessarily to one of the front three positions, with a natural striker looking like a better option as an immediate solution to whatever their problems may be. The midfield and the defense also need a bit of upgrading or refreshing, however you prefer to call it, and adding Moses to the mix with Mata and Hazard and Oscar and Marko Marin and Daniel Sturridge wouldn’t exactly see him playing very often.

If you’re looking to the future, that’s something else – Moses is 21 and seems to have a bright one ahead of him. But Chelsea rarely purchase players from the future. This club, even when it buys young players, is about producing immediately, and I’m not sure Victor Moses is the right player for that kind of demand at the moment. He might get better and be more expensive in the future, but at least they’ll be a little bit more certain he can deliver right away.

Image: Source