Transfer Rumors 2012 – Ganso Leaving Santos to Sao Paulo

One of the longest transfer sagas in Brazilian football is about to come to an end, with Sao Paulo offering $23.8 million for 45% of the economic rights to Ganso, belonging to Santos, while sporting agency DIS hold the rest of the 55% and will negotiate separately with the club.

Not Europe, as many speculated, including Manchester United, but staying in the same city he has played for since the beginning of his career. Both Flamengo and Gremio appeared interested in the player after Luis Alvaro Ribeiro finally allowed teams to approach the want-away midfielder, but Ganso made it clear that at the moment, he wants to remain in Sao Paulo.

So the Tricolor made an approach, which initially was $30 million for all 100% of his rights, but Ribeiro went on the radio saying that there’s no need to bother him if the offer is going to be less than $23.8 million isn’t worth his time, as Ganso is valued at over $50 million by  DIS and Santos. Sao Paulo, the team with the second highest revenue in Brazil ($111.9 million), accepted, and now needs to work out a deal with DIS, who have some percentage in the rights of pretty much every major Brazilian player in the Brasileiro.

Ganso wasn’t adamant about moving abroad because the deals with the sporting agencies earn him enough money out of sponsorship and endorsements to make the same kind of money he’d be making in a big European club and probably more. Recently coming back from an injury (still not at 100%) and two knee surgeries over the last couple of years, the fear he shares with many young Brazilian players is missing out on the national side for the 2014 World Cup, by taking a risk and possibly not succeeding in Europe and not being included in the lineup of his new club.

Ganso has so far played only one match for Santos in the Brasileiro this season, having a fallout with the club a few months ago. Since joining the senior team in 2008, he has played 157 matches and scored 35 goals. Santos are currently 15th in the league this season, winning only six matches of the 23 played. Sao Paulo are 6th, three points Vasco in the chase for the fourth Copa Libertadores ticket.