Transfer Rumors 2012 – Manchester United Want Cristiano Ronaldo Back

Sometime back in 2009, just before Manchester United completed the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, Alex Ferguson told the Portuguese star that if he ever feels left out at the Santiago Bernabeu, he should pack his bags and return to Old Trafford, where he’ll always have a locker waiting for him.

No one really knows what’s wrong with Cristiano Ronaldo. If anything is wrong at all. He didn’t seem especially out of sorts against Luxembourg, with Portgual struggling as they always do in qualifiers to come up with three points that should come their way much more easily.

But, according to Ronaldo, he’s sad. He’s unhappy. You know the drill. Be it not enough support from his teammates and the club towards his run at the Ballon d’Or, whatever that means (not enough people telling him he’s the best in the world?), or simply the more obvious way to go with his sudden “depression” – He wants more money, but he obviously doesn’t want to admit to it publicly.

Whatever the reason may be, at Real Madrid their starting to get sick of the current situation and all the unhealthy speculation it creates, and are probably going to release a joint statement together with the player that will end the uncertainty over his future after apparently addressing the two issues that have made him unhappy – Money and love from everyone around him.

However, despite that no one outside the club really knows what is wrong and to what extent, the blood is in the water, getting all the hungry sharks of the footballing world to try and sniff out a way and see some kind of path to sign the player. Manchester United, the club that was the first to gamble on Ronaldo’s huge talent and cashed in on it in both titles and actual bills just over three years ago, would be delighted to have him back.

According to a source at the club, it’s a transfer that would prove that United can still compete with anyone for the biggest names in football. But, at the moment, only Ronaldo knows whether he is serious about leaving Madrid or whether he’s just having a sulk.

Maybe some sort of messages from Alex Ferguson or anyone else from the club (and probably other clubs thinking about it, including Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain) has already been sent to the player, currently on international duty. The chances, at the moment, of actually seeing Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid seem slim at best – It just doesn’t add up and make sense. But crazier things have happened, and volatile egos tend to make surprising decisions when they feel they might be better off somewhere else, especially with the wrong kind of whisperers in his ear.

Image: Source