Transfer Rumors 2012 – Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Real Madrid? Where Will he Go?

    Speculation, rumors and what not. Although there’s a very good chance that all of this Cristiano Ronaldo drama is set up just so he can get a better contract, there’s always the small chance that he’s actually unhappy and wants to leave Real Madrid, which leaves about three possible clubs that might be able to afford him – Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Anzhi Makhachkala.

    FIFA fair play regulations or not – when you get this kind of chance to sign the best or second best player in the world, you go for it. Ronaldo cost Real Madrid €93.9 million in 2009. How much more can a player cost? €100 million? How much more can a team pay him? He’s already making around €16.5 million a season from his football team alone.

    A while ago, there were rumors Manchester City planned on making a move for the sulking Portuguese star, maybe even doubling his salary. Really? Paying €30 million a season for a player? We know Anzhi are paying Samuel Eto’o just under €20 million a season to play in Russia, but you have to pay big money to even lesser stars to be willing to play in Dagestan. City are slowly becoming a club worth moving to not just because of the money. PSG are hoping to get to that point as well by the end of this season or maybe the next one.

    All this speculation, eventually, doesn’t mean much if Real Madrid just improve Ronaldo’s contract. A player that seems so focused on himself and on his achievements, be it individual awards or titles won with his team, doesn’t strike me or most of the reading football fans as someone who suddenly grows tired of the social status at the club.

    Ronaldo cares about being paid more than anyone else and feeling appreciated. I find it hard to believe that the standing of Fabio Coentrao with his teammates or Marcelo saying something about Iker Casillas deserving the Ballon d’Or would make Ronaldo leave the club he always wanted to play far.

    The crazy numbers keep getting thrown around. Anzhi might offer €95 million for Ronaldo, some sources say. Hey, if Zenit paid over €50 million for Hulk, why not double that price for Cristiano Ronaldo? His production since joining Real Madrid? 150 Goals in 149 appearances. Hulk, just for comparison, has scored 69 goals in 125 matches over the time span. The numbers say that Ronaldo is worth that kind of money, without even thinking about the marketing effect he might have on the team, although that is limited when it comes to a Russian club.

    Will he or won’t he? I find it hard to believe Ronaldo gives up on Real. Just over a month ago he declared himself a Madridista forever, without mentioning anything about ‘only if the price is right.’ Real Madrid can’t afford to lose their best player, although paying him the kind of money he wants isn’t that affordable to. You can always take another loan from the government that won’t be returned, but I wonder when is the point Florentino Perez, or anyone else, simply says, stop, enough, you’re free to go? I’m betting on we’ll never know.