Transfer Rumors 2012 – Manchester United Moving Chicharito to Real Madrid

Manchester Untied have been following quite a few Real Madrid players over the last year, hoping that their situation with the Spanish champions allows them to swoop in and purchase them for a relatively bargain price. Now, the idea of using hardly-used Mexican striker Javier Hernandez in some sort of exchange deal is brewing at Old Trafford.

Because he brought in Robin van Persie, not to mention the presence of Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck, it seems the window of opportunity for Chicharito, who seemed like the next best thing during his debut season in 2010-2011, is very small. So far, he has played in only in only two leagues matches for United this season, four in total, scoring one goal. Seeing him come in after the 90th minute, for a minute or two in injury time, isn’t such a rarity anymore.

Hernandez scored 32 goals for United in all competitions during his first two seasons, but it looked like Ferguson found himself better or more favorable options upfront last season while Hernandez was injured or out of form. When comparing him with Rooney and Van Persie and the way they can contribute in more than just scoring, Chicharito looks like a very limited forward all of a sudden.

United, with all of its defensive problems, have been looking at the option of signing Raul Albiol or youngster Raphael Varane. More recently, seeing as Sergio Ramos looks to be having a bit of trouble in his Jose Mourinho relationship, the option of making an approach for the European & World champion with Spain has also been discussed, with Chelsea also lurking in the shadows, waiting for some development regarding the matter.

So how do you make a swoop for one of these players without spending too much money? Holding on to the rumor that Jose Mourinho might be interested in Chicharito (Instead of one of his strikers, or just as an addition?), United are hoping they can find someway to make some exchange deal work. Kaka is also a player they are interested in, although over the last week or two he looks to be back in the plans for Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid.

During the summer, it was rumored that Juventus were looking into the signing for Hernandez, in their desperate search for a striker, eventually landing Nicklas Bendtner from Arsenal on loan.

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