Transfer Rumors 2012 – PSG Join Real Madrid in Luka Modric Chase

The current Luka Modric situation – Tottenham want £40 million. Luka Modric wants to leave to Real Madrid. Real Madrid want Luka Modric, but Florentino Perez says Real can’t afford Spurs’ asking price. In comes PSG, who can afford any price anyone throws at the table.

While Tottenham are still trying to hold on to Luka Modric by fining him and making him feel like a punished little child, they’re also busy telling Real Madrid that nothing under £40 is acceptable for the midfielder who is regarded by many to be one of the best in the continent, but sometimes you feel that there is a bit of an overrated factor, especially when you see the prices getting thrown around.

Players on the Real Madrid team keep saying that Modric should move and join the team, he’s one of the best midfielder in the world, so on and so on. Everyone knows Modric wants to leave. He wanted to leave last season and missed out on the first couple of games of the season, but eventually saw that Tottenham weren’t prepared to sell him to Chelsea and got turned around. He came out blasting with a brilliant goal against Liverpool, turning in his best season for the club. No Champions League meant it was going to be another summer of trying to hang on to the Croatian talent.

The current voices Real Madrid are making suggest that only if they manage to sell Kaka, who stayed in Madrid instead of flying with the team for a round of friendlies and money raising, with the club hoping to get at least €20 million for the player who hasn’t been really appreciated by Jose Mourinho for various reasons over the last couple of years, then they can afford to make the desired bid for Modric that Tottenham will accept.

Meanwhile, the all-buying PSG have stepped in. Whenever someone suggest an outrageous price for a player with somewhat of global appeal, be sure to find the Qatari owned team looking to make a splash. Not winning the French Ligue 1 last season only strengthened their persistence in making this team the best in Europe, hoping to make quite an impression in the club’s return to the Champions League after eight years.

Problem is Modric isn’t too interested with a move to Paris, preferring to stay with Tottenham if the Real Madrid option doesn’t pan out. Still, with the situation that’s been created, with both the club and the player to blame, PSG might actually come up with the right kind of offer and Modric might eventually accept, finally putting the successful Tottenham chapter behind him. After getting fined and a deteriorating relationship with the new manager and club directors, the only option left is to leave, even if it’s to a club you’re not to sure he wants to play for.