Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Interested in Edinson Cavani

We don’t usually see Arsenal going after the more coveted players on the market, but maybe times are changing, as Arsene Wenger declared his interest in Edinson Cavani, although knowing the club and the manager, this seems like a long shot to happen.

Yes, someone who is considered to be one of the best in any kind of position isn’t up to be sold by Arsenal, but actually bought by them. Cavani’s release price is probably at least €35-40 million, considering he is one of the more productive scorers in Europe for the past three seasons, and Napoli aren’t exactly willing to see him go.

Cavani is a player that I like. What is for sure is that he costs a lot of money.

There is the key to this whole idea. When it comes to a lot of money, Arsenal don’t like spending it. They’ll spend it on second-tier players, like Podolski, Giroud (lower than second tier) and Santi Cazrola, but not upgrading the team by much. Instead of spending it all on one of the best strikers in the world at the moment, it’s hard to believe that the Gunners will suddenly change their entire spending policy, unless something radical changes in the thought process at the Emirates.

Cavani will be turning 26 next month and has been playing in Europe since he was a teenager, beginning his Serie A career with Palermo, scoring 34 goals in 109 appearances for the club before making a €12 million transfer to the mainland and Napoli. With Napoli, Cavani has been even more prolific, scoring 91 goals in 118 appearances, including 19 in 23 European appearances, being the main reason why they’re still in the running for a Champions League place and maybe even the title in Italy.

Arsenal aren’t alone in the Cavani business – both Chelsea and Manchester City are interested in signing the striker, and are usually more willing to spend.