Transfer Rumors 2014 – Arsenal Interested in Signing Daniel Agger

Daniel Agger

There is not a summer that goes by without Daniel Agger being mentioned in some sort of transfer rumor taking him away from Liverpool. This time Arsenal seem to be the interested party, and it remains to be seen how serious the offer will be.

Agger, who has been with Liverpool for nearly a decade, was the team’s best defender statistically last season. However, it seems that Brendan Rodgers doesn’t trust him completely and the arrival of Dejan Lovren seems to serve as another indicator that Agger might be finally on his way out after years of being linked to Manchester City, AC Milan and Barcelona.

Arsenal are usually pleased with their Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny duo, but Agger is probably a better player than at least one of them if not both. Arsenal are also trying to offload Thomas Vermaelen, who has recently been linked to Barcelona, although it doesn’t make much sense considering how badly he has been playing when he has gotten the chance over the last couple of seasons.

So will Agger go? Even though he has a YNWA tattoo, Rodgers might be keen on selling a player who isn’t very young and might not have a place in the rotation anymore. It seems like Sakho and Lovren will take the two lineup spots, while Martin Skrtel will hope to surprise everyone again by climbing up the depth chart into a starting place, despite being a mediocre defender at best and having the knack to score timely own goals.

This just might be the season Agger goes, but for someone who has shown a great commitment to the club and its supporters, it’s hard to see him accepting a deal that puts him in the jersey of a rival, unless there really isn’t another offer coming from a different league.

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