Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Might Bring Back Cesc Fabregas

Despite the initial news of Manchester United being interested in Cesc Fabregas and trying to make the most of his slightly disappointing two-season stretch at Barcelona, Arsenal might also be up to take back their captain due to a potential certain agreement between them and Barca.

Fabregas left Arsenal for the club he grew up in 2011 for £30 million, but despite his 28 goals, 32 assists in 95 matches since joining the club, there seems to be an aura of discontent from both Fabregas about his positioning on the pitch and his place in the club, not considered as important as some other players who were there from the beginning of the Guardiola era.

Cesc Fabregas 2013

Manchester United, in a serious search for a midfielder who can eliminate some weaknesses and turn them into a more serious Champions League side, have been rumored to be the most intrigued team about the prospect of signing Cesc, but according to The Daily Mail, Arsenal and Barcelona have an agreement between them that takes effect if any team besides Arsenal would like to sign the player.

According to this alleged agreement, Barcelona have to give Arsenal the first right of refusal to take back the player for around £20 million, is another club tries to sign him. The most likely scenario is Fabregas not leaving the club. He has a contract until 2016 and while he hasn’t been world class each and every time he was out there, it’s hard to argue with the numbers he has produced over the last couple of seasons and his value to the club and its future.

And yet, Barcelona won’t say no to the right kind of offer, as long as it comes from outside the La Liga. Fabregas himself would like to try and win a higher spot in the Camp Nou Hierarchy next season, but the option of him returning to Arsenal isn’t off the table completely, as long as offers keep coming in for him and Barcelona are still willing to listen.

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