Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Might Sign Sebastián Pérez

Sebastian Perez

Still without a cap for his national side, 20-year old Sebastián Pérez from Atletico Nacional in Colombia is making his way to England to participate in a trial for Arsenal, hoping he gets picked up.

Club president, Juan Carlos De la Cuesta, is also hoping this one goes well, already alerting and confirming to the press about Pérez potentially joining the gunners.

One of Colobmia’s brightest young talents, he has been playing in the first team since the age of 18, winning the league title that year and later the Superliga final. He is mostly a defensive midfielder, preferring to stay just in front of the back four, but his vision and passing make him quite capable of filling more attacking roles through the center as well.

One of the interesting things about Pérez is his ability to use both his right and left feet at pretty much the same level. He made further impression, which probably helped setup his trial for Arsenal, during the South American youth championships and later in the U-20 World Cup Colombia participated in this month.

While bigger transfers currently seem a bit hard to complete for the Gunners (Gonzalo Higuain isn’t even close, according to Florentino Perez), Arsenal do need to do something this summer, and starting to add more young players with a hope for a brighter future is expected.

Is Pérez the defensive midfielder Arsenal fans have been waiting for? Not quite sure. His stature and size don’t make him an enforcer in the middle, but a much more elegant and technical type of defensive midfielder. That might not be a bad thing, but as recent history shows us, Arsenal have failed both with that kind of player and by trying to find the next Patrick Vieira , which simply doesn’t seem to be out there.

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