Transfer Rumors 2013 – Atletico Madrid Will Replace Falcao With Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Liverpool

Clubs like Atletico Madrid aren’t usually in the business of making expensive signings from the Premier League, but with the realization that Radamel Falcao isn’t going to stay with the team much longer, planning on what to do from the revenue of selling him might lead them to try and splash the cash on Luis Suarez, who might be on shakier ground than most people realize at Liverpool.

Suarez is currently serving a 10-match ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic, his second long-term punishment over the last two seasons. Despite his impressive ability and scoring form for Liverpool (30 goals in 44 matches this season), there are those advising him, like fellow Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet, to leave England and the Premier League and go play somewhere where everything he does isn’t looked at with scornful eyes behind a magnifying glass hiding the hypocrisy of the FA.

As for Falcao, it seems that this summer is going to be his last with Atletico Madrid. Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid are all after the Colombian striker, scoring 68 goals in 86 matches since arriving at Atletico, finally leading them to the Champions League this season, unless something quite unexpected and catastrophic happens in the next three weeks.

His fetching price? It’s hard to believe they’ll be letting him go for anything less than €40 million, with some even suggesting Manchester United will be paying €50 or more for his services, although that’s been denied by Alex Ferguson himself, who is more interested in Robert Lewandowski. Real & Chelsea, however, aren’t feigning their interest, but Atletico will probably do anything in their power to stop Falcao from ever playing for Real Madrid.

Suarez? For now it seems like both Liverpool and himself want to continue their relationship, which seems to have quite a lot of potential but keeps getting thwarted by Suarez’ on behavior and inability to make change in those instinctive reactions that often lead him into embarrassing situations. The wrong kind of whispers and voices in his ear, and he might actually demand to leave, feeling that a new league and country is the right thing for him.