Transfer Rumors 2013 – Atletico Madrid Ready for Fernando Torres Return

When life has got you down, maybe you should try and return to somewhere you were happy, and they still want you. Fernando Torres might not admit it, but it seems that he’s pretty miserable at Chelsea, not being able to reach something even close to the heights he did with Liverpool and even during his younger days at Atletico Madrid, and maybe a return to the roots is the best thing for him.

According to Marca, head coach for the team ranked third in the La Liga, Diego Simeone, is pretty open about the idea of Torres returning to Atletico, but of course it leans on a few developments with other players and possibly some financial issues.

Fernando Torres is currently playing for another team and we have to wait for the season to finish and decide which of the available players could come here and do a good job. Fernando knows about the club’s history, what it means to play here and I don’t need to speak about his ability. We were team-mates. I know how important he can be.

The popular rumor being thrown around at the moment is Torres being involved in some sort of player swap with Falcao to help lower the transfer fee Chelsea pay for the Colombian striker. While it’s hard for Chelsea to depart  from Torres solely because they paid so much for him, and maybe somewhere deep inside still believe he can become a somewhat consistent scorer once again, all evidence proves otherwise – while there isn’t anything physical wrong with him, the frustration and pressure from the huge tag price keep chaining him to the ground instead of allowing him to fly.

His record so far for the club, since arriving from Liverpool in 2011? A mere 28 goals in 116 appearances, although you can give Torres a little break by claiming a lot of those appearances were of him coming off the bench. He’s currently waiting for his first Premier League goal in 11 matches; a drought stretch that isn’t new to him.