Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona In a Hurry to Sign Pepe Reina

Is Pepe Reina really good enough to be a starting goalkeeper for Barcelona? The question will probably get its answer soon enough, as the current Liverpool player is starting to draw more and more interest from other teams, which means the Spanish champions should in the business of wrapping things up.

Reina has been going through a number of disappointing and inconsistent seasons at Liverpool after being the top performer at his position during his first seasons at the club. Obviously, it had a lot to do with the quality of his defense, which has been just as if not more inconsistent, but the kind of goals he has conceded have led to some confidence meltdown and a decision making that has been hard to comprehend at times.

Pepe Reina Liverpool

Victor Valdes seems to be on his way to Monaco as the French club continues its incredible spending spree, which might include Falcao and Fabio Coentrao as well after already going through the talent deposit FC Porto had to offer. This means Barcelona are in a need of a keeper more than ever, and although Reina hasn’t been at his best in recent years, he’s still an international goalkeeper with plenty of experience at the highest levels.

The price? At the moment it stands at £8 million, but Barcelona might not get to purchase him for so low if the rumors of the interest coming from Arsenal and the worst news of all, Paris Saint-Germain. Just like Manchester City in previous years and Monaco this summer, any involvement of PSG immediately pushes the price upwards and puts even teams like Manchester United, or Barcelona in this case, unable to meet the new price.

Reina began his career with Barcelona, growing up through the team’s youth system in the 1990’s, and playing 30 matches for the senior club between 2000 and 2002. Later he joined Villarreal before becoming a Liverpool player in 2006, featuring nearly 400 times for the club.