Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona Interested in Branislav Ivanovic & David Luiz

The rumors circulating Chelsea and their centre backs just won’t quit, with the usual name of David Luiz still linked with a move to Barcelona, but now he’s joined by Branislav Ivanovic, also rumored to be on his way to the Catalan club.

Ivanovic was actually spotted in Barcelona last week, which sparked the talk about his impending departure, despite being just as vital as Luiz to the club’s European success over the last couple of seasons, including the winning goal against Benfica in the Europa League final. 

Branislav Ivanovic, David Luiz

According to the Daily Star, Jose Mourinho, now officially done with his Real Madrid saga (ending with a lot of boos), doesn’t want the pair of centre backs on the team next season, preferring to raise some money for his own incoming of players, as Chelsea are trying to play by the rules and not be caught on any FFP infringements after finally becoming a club that’s pretty much self-sustaining financially.

Barcelona, who will no doubt bring at least one prominent name to their defense this season, are looking into both Luiz and Ivanovic, who are very different players, but both have the ability to play in more than one position.

Ivanovic, 29, scored 8 goals in all competition for the team this season and has been with Chelsea since 2008, winning a league title, FA Cups and their two European titles. He isn’t the most elegant of defenders, but can be quite adept as a right back, at least when it comes to the defensive aspect of the position, and his aerial game is one of the best in Europe.

Luis has been now linked much longer to Barcelona, thanks to being a lot better defensively this season than in the past, but it’s more about his technical gifts, long range passing and shooting qualities and the knack for almost being a libero in his style, often pushing his team forward and being the one that begins possession from his own box, carrying it into their opponents half. The projected price? £40 million for the two of them.

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