Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona Interested in Signing Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

After already completing the most expensive transfer of the summer transfer window (although it might be eclipsed very soon), Barcelona aren’t likely to make another huge bid for another player, especially another striker, and yet rumors and talks about a possible move for Sergio Aguero from Manchester City has emerged.

It’s not quite clear where this is coming from, as @barcastuff tweeted that Aguero has been offered to Barcelona and talks might soon begin over the player, but sometimes it’s hard to see the sense in all of this, including coming from Manchester City.

Barcelona have already spent €57 million on Neymar, and sold David Villa for peanuts to Atletico Madrid, even though they could have made more money by selling him to Tottenham. While this is a rich and resourceful club, spending nearly €100 million in one summer on forwards while their centre back problem remains unsolved doesn’t sound reasonable.

And how much will Aguero cost? The 25-year old Argentine who made quite a name for himself scoring over 100 goals for Atletico Madrid and has done quite well for Manchester City these last couple of years and especially in the first cost £38 million, and unless his knee injury from last season is a bit more serious than anyone thinks, City aren’t likely to be losing money on him anytime soon.

Maybe Aguero is trying to push for a transfer back to the La Liga and to one of the two giants. Like with every Atletico Madrid player, it seems that Real Madrid is the next stop for him, even if it’s a longer trip for another stop. Latin players in general, no matter how successful in other leagues, seem to have a weak spot for Barca and Real Madrid when they come calling, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Aguero is trying to see if he can make something out of this.

But for it to happen? Barcelona need to spend money on other positions, not to mention they still have Pedro, Alexis Sanchez, Tello, Cuenca and Gerard Deulofeu also looking for some playing time with the first team. With all this in the background, the Aguero deal doesn’t just make any sense.

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