Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona & Real Madrid Might Approach Chelsea for David Luiz

It still hasn’t been confirmed that Jose Mourinho is the next Chelsea manager, but rumors are he’s already looking at the players he wants and doesn’t. One of those he might try and sell is David Luiz, due to his defensive abilities not being up to the Special One’s liking. If that is truly the case, both Real Madrid and Barcelona would be happy to try and sign him over to their cause.

Chelsea paid £21 million for Luiz in 2011, purchasing him from Benfica. He has always shined when it came to offensive traits – an excellent long range shot, a very good passer and aerial game. On the defensive side, there have been more ups & downs than he would have liked to be going through, but this most recent season has been much better, especially when pushed up to the defensive midfielder role, which suited him much better in the Premier League.

David Luiz 2013

According to reports from around the club, Mourinho would like someone a bit more consistent in his defending than Luiz, while the club is hoping they can turn a profit on the price they paid for him two years ago. Barcelona are in desperate need for some quality in their defense, and Real Madrid, despite the big names, had a big problem with their defending this season as well, especially when it came to set pieces.

Not that anyone is going to leave Barcelona at this point – Puyol is there till the reitrement, and Gerard Pique is probably their preferred choice for now for one of the positions, despite his erratic form over the last couple of seasons. Luiz might be the man brought next to him, although his role might differ from time to time, and having two centre backs who aren’t considered defensive rocks is a dangerous gamble.

Real Madrid probably have their duo – Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane, although Ramos can be moved around, and with the possible departure of Pepe, Luiz might find himself quite useful in both the defense and playing in the midfield for the team’s next manager.

The 26 year-old Brazilian has appeared in 57 matches for Chelsea this season, scoring 7 goals, and has picked up both the Champions League and the Europa League trophies over the last 13 months. He has also been capped 20 times for the Brazilian national team.