Transfer Rumors 2013 – Barcelona Want Another Striker

Despite the addition of Neymar and the existence of Lionel Messi, Barcelona aren’t done strikers to the team, looking for  more “classic number 9” type, which might suggest that a change in tactics and formation is coming down the road, with the likes of Luis Suarez, Miroslav Klose, Fernando Torres, Leandro Damiao, Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Romelu Lukaku, Daniel Osvaldo, Mario Gomez and Wilfried Bony as potential transfer targets.

David Villa seems to be as good as gone, and the other news of Cristian Tello, Gerard Deulofeu and Isaac Cuenca leaving the club (two of them on loan it seems) as well means Barcelona need to replenish their depth chart when it comes to the attacking line, especially in the natural striker position they haven’t been using usually.

Transfer List

Barcelona might be thinking about a Henrik Larsson type player, who wouldn’t mind coming off the bench most of the time, but provide a different look and style to what Barcelona are usually known for, which is a ball on the ground and elegant passing, which is what you envision when you play with players like Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Some of the names on the list suggested by Catalan newspapers don’t sound like the kind who would be willing to spend time on the bench, nor would their price be worthy of a rotational player, especially someone like Luis Suarez or Wayne Rooney, although their designations might change if Barcelona have a chance to land another top player.

Klose, still quite a competent scorer despite his advanced age, sounds like the perfect fit for the “Larsson” type, but his desire to play for Germany in the 2014 World Cup requires him to play for a club that can promise him a starting position, and Barcelona probably isn’t the answer. Chicharito has been the perfect super-sub for United, but he isn’t exactly the “big 9” you envision Barcelona thinking of.

Romelu Lukaku is an interesting option, but just like Klose, only on the other end of the scale age-wise, he’s looking for first team football while Chelsea are not selling him, only interested in loaning him out.

Barcelona are going through more changes than some anticipated, due to the disappointment from the way they got knocked out of the Champions League. Adding a number 9 striker means they aren’t just thinking about simply adding great players to maintain their local dominance, but about creating alternative formations to face the changing schemes of the top teams around Europe.