Transfer Rumors 2013 – Borussia Dortmund & Bayern Munich in Robert Lewandowski & Mario Mandzukic Deal

It seems Bayern Munich are really interested in adding Robert Lewandowski to their all-conquering side, which doesn’t seem to need anymore players. Yet dismantling Borussia Dortmund and adding another quality striker isn’t too bad of an idea, but in return, they might have to give up on Mario Mandzukic or Xherdan Shaqiri.

After already losing Mario Gotze to the German and European champions and not being able to do anything about it (damn release clauses, although it did give them €37 million), Dortmund aren’t planning on making it easy for the richer clubs of Europe to pick them apart. Least of all Bayern Munich, who are trying to turn this from an entertaining rivalry into an unfair fight.

Lewandowski, Mandzukic

But it’s going to be almost impossible holding on to Lewandowski, knowing that his contract runs out by the end of next season, and he’ll be going anyway. Selling him this summer, either to Bayern Munich (which is something Dortmund really don’t want to do) or other clubs showing quite a lot of interest (Manchester United), will help them add another €25-30 million to the club’s coffers, helping them start building anew.

But if Lewandowski really wants to go to Bayern? Dortmund know that there’s a good chance they won’t be able to stand in his way, even if it means hurting themselves in the league by playing against him twice next season, so they have their own demands if such a deal is to be made.

According to the Bild, Bayern will have to give up on their current starting striker (who isn’t far off in his ability from Lewandowski), Mario Mandzukic, scoring 21 goals in all competition for the team this season. He might not be the scorer Lewandowski is, but on a team like Bayern, his abilities to press and create space with his fantastic off the ball movement are just as important, and it’s surprising to think Bayern don’t see him as their starting striker next season.

On the other hand, Mario Gomez was scoring in amazing amounts before Mandzukic arrived, and no one thought he’d become a substitute. Xherdan Shaqiri would have probably been a starter on most teams, but for Bayern, he’s currently sitting on the bench, coming in for Franck Ribery or others in the front line, adding 8 goals in 38 matches this season, almost all of them coming off the bench. He’s a huge talent, and Dortmund are eyeing either him or Mandzukic, not to mention more money going their way, if Lewandowski is indeed set on joining Bayern.