Transfer Rumors 2013 – Borussia Dortmund Getting Closer to Christian Eriksen

It’s been hard for quite some time, ever since the financial playing grounds changed for the worse on them, for Ajax to hang on to their best players. Christian Eriksen has been on the shortlist of many top European clubs for a few seasons now, but after winning his third Dutch title in three years, it seems that the approaches of Borussia Dortmund might finally tear him away from the club  he has been with since the age of 16.

Another fantastic season for Eriksen, who has been at the center of Ajax’s consecutive league titles these past three seasons, scoring 23 goals and adding 47 assists in these successful campaigns. All the criticism of his inconsistency and tendency to disappear in certain moments hasn’t completely disappeared, but it’s easy to forget he’s only 21, starting for the team since the age of 17.

The 21 year old Eriksen, capped 34 times for Denmark, has scored 30 goals in 156 matches for Ajax since 2009.
The 21 year old Eriksen, capped 34 times for Denmark, has scored 30 goals in 156 matches for Ajax since 2009.

Borussia Dortmund need someone to replace Mario Gotze, who “betrayed” the club he grew up in and signed with Bayern Munich, although it did help Dortmund make €37 million off the young player. Last season, after losing Shinji Kagawa, they simply changed the positioning of Gotze a bit while adding Marco Reus to the mix. This year, it’s going to be a specific player for that specific position, while hoping there’s no mass exodus after the Champions League final.

Eriksen hasn’t been one of those players who knows he’s too big for his club. He’s remained loyal to Ajax, not showing an anxiousness to get out of the Dutch Eredivisie and try out for bigger and better. It always seemed like succeeding with the Dutch club, developing along with it, has been an important issue for him. But Ajax have their limits. Financially and professionally  Although they do feel that with a little bit more luck they might have made it further in the Champions League, there’s only so much they can do to keep their talents from moving to make more money, not to mention a better prospect of success in the most prestigious competition.

Eriksen has said Dortmund have approached him and Ajax, and it seems that this year, no one will be standing in his way if he’s really made up his mind. It’s hard to believe, despite all that he’s been through with the club since joining the senior team in 2009, he’ll be able to turn down the offers of a bigger and better club.

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