Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea After Marouane Fellaini

Deciding that their midfield needs an upgrade and soon, it look like Chelsea are ready to launch a bid for Marouane Fellaini of Everton.

It’s been going on since the beginning of the season, as Fellaini emerged as a new attacking force on the blue side of Liverpool, getting a more advanced position from David Moyes. The Belgian international has scored 8 goals in 16 league matches so far this season, matching his tally from his debut season in 2008-2009, which took him 30 matches to assemble.

Everton aren’t willing sellers, while Fellaini hasn’t exactly made it easy for anyone to know where he stands on this. Eventually, knowing the potential for growth and for success is limited with the Toffees, he’ll probably be convinced in time. It’s rumored that Chelsea have already made an offer worth £22 million for the midfielder, but Everton are probably going to reject it.

What will convince David Moyes to sell the man who turned out to be his best player this season? Some suggest that anything around the £30 million will be accepted, but he probably won’t be released for less than £25 million. It’s worth mentioning that Fellaini didn’t exactly arrive on a bargain deal – he cost £15 million in 2008, still the club record for Everton, who don’t usually spend half of that on new players.

Fellaini spent the previous three seasons at Goodison Park as a holding midfielder, moved back from his more advanced role during his first season. This year, after the departure of Tim Cahill, Fellaini is once again used much more as an attacking threat. In Chelsea, if he does arrive, it’s hard to see him taking over for the man behind the striker, Juan Mata, which means that the role of central midfielder, next to whoever it is that Benitez fancies that weeks (and it changes all the time), is what’s planned for him.

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