Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Getting Closer to Isco

No one is getting tired of bringing Spanish players to Stamford Bridge; it’s exactly the opposite. The next Iberian to arrive? Isco, from Malaga, is the current big name possibly heading to Chelsea.

Some say this has to do with the possible contract negotiations with Frank Lampard, but why does a 30-plus midfielder, in and out of the lineup, has anything to do with a player who might be the best under-21 talent in Europe?

If last season, with five goals and four assists, helping Malaga reach the Champions League for the first time in history was good enough for slight attention from Arsenal and Manchester United, his ability and dominance for the surprising club in both the La Liga and especially the Champions League is making it quite clear that he won’t be staying with the modest Spanish club for much longer.

Malaga this season, with the guiding hand of Manuel Pellegrini off the pitch and Isco, emerging as one of the most exciting attacking midfielders in the world at the moment, with fantastic passing and shooting abilities, are somewhat of a miracle. Financial burdens are still there, and looked destined to crush the club before the season began. At the moment they are fourth in Spain and into the knockout stage of the Champions League, arguably playing the best football of the group stage.

Do Chelsea need him? It’s not the right question. The big teams, who prey on the “feeder clubs” of Europe, aren’t in the business of only filling their needs. They just buy the best players available and think about what to do with them later. At the position Isco plays Juan Mata rules and dominates. Sure, he can play in a bit more retreated role or on the wing if really necessary, but what about Oscar and Eden Hazard, who also find themselves in and out of the lineup?

That’s not the way the thought process works at Chelsea. They want quality, and Isco is that kind of player. For how much? Current rumors speak about £15 million for a player who has still not made his national team debut. If Malaga weren’t in such need of money, this probably would have been a bit more expensive. In any case, even if the deal does come through, there’s a good chance Chelsea will loan-back Isco to Malaga till the end of the season.

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