Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea & Jose Mourinho Shopping List

It’s going to get very expensive if Jose Mourinho gets all the players he has on his shopping list as a ‘welcome back’ gift from Roman Abramovich for his return to Chelsea. Radamel Falcao, Hulk, Andre Schurrle top the list that also includes Eliaquim Mangala, Isco and Marouane Fellaini.

According to reports in England, Mourinho will land at Stamford Bridge, signed, sealed and delivered on June 2 to begin his second tenure with the club, leaving just after his fourth season began last time around. Up until then, Chelsea will be working on trying to get at least one of the players on his list, although some have been there from even before Mourinho became available.

I Want You

Looking at the shortlist, only Marouane Fellaini seems like someone Chelsea need without a shadow of a doubt. The rest are luxury purchases, although one might argue that Chelsea need a striker more than anything else, with Falcao, or possibly Mario Gomez being the ones the club should be chasing the hardest after.

But Chelsea also need a strong presence in the middle of the pitch. John Obi Mikel isn’t enough, and all the options the club used next to him did give some sort of attacking boost, be it Ramires or Frank Lampard, but it was obvious more than once, especially against teams with a better midfield (Juventus, Manchester City) that someone who is more about gaining control in the middle is necessary.

The problem? Fellaini might be going to Manchester United, and most of the players on this list – like Falcao (Half of Europe), Mangala (Manchester United) and Isco (Real Madrid) – are being chased by other top or rich clubs in the continent, making it quite difficult to see how Chelsea can obtain all of their services.

Not to mention the money. Roman Abramovich has some deep pockets, but acquiring all six players will cost more than £100 million. With the new financial regulations to consider, Chelsea might not be able to spend so much money, unless they start letting go of certain players. David Luiz is one name mentioned, despite his excellent season. Fernando Torres is also on everyone’s lips, although it’s difficult to evaluate how much money they might get for him after the decrease in goal numbers over the last few seasons.